Red Carpet VIP Welcome Experience

A wildly creative way to recognize your guests as the VIPs they are! Imagine the feeling of screaming fans, paparazzi eager to take your photo, and reporters asking you what you are wearing.  This more than entertainment, this is prank-based fun.  Guests won’t know if these are ‘real’ people or not!  As guests complete the red carpet and walk into your event, their mood is instantly changed.  They’ll have a huge smile on their face, and will be immediately engaged.   This is a perfect addition to any gala or recognition event.

  • 'Screaming fans’ who blend in until guests arrive, then pop out of the woodwork.  One may try and pawn your ticket, another might get turned away at the door.  
  • Paparazzi with flashing cameras pushing and clawing to take your photo, with autograph books and shouts of “who are you wearing?”
  • Bouncers at the door for fans and paparazzi to play off of.  He asks to “pat you down” and instead gives you a hug.
  • ET style reporters asking you questions about your celebrity status and the evening ahead, complimenting your relentlessly, and making you feel ‘oh so important’

Our guests were buzzing with excitement. As always, your performance was outstanding and definitely the highlight of the guests’ trip. Wow, was it ever perfect.
— Elaine Chick, Rare Indigo
On behalf of the Wall Centre, a big THANK YOU! Our associates had a great time and I was so very impressed on how engaged they were - the welcome on the red carpet was really special. Thank you for helping us make this event very memorable and definitely one of a kind! We got lots of compliments on how fun the night was - thanks to you and your very professional team. A pleasure working with you guys!
— Karla Bazua, Sheraton Wall Centre