Pub Trivia

Pit team against team in the ultimate pub trivia competition.  Pub trivia and it’s British roots have invaded today’s social scene.  Content is fun, topical, and we can inject custom questions that are all about YOU.  Our version includes written questions, music, video, and a super fun host to bring it all together.  The game has a loose structure that can be customized to work in a wide variety of settings.

Perfect as Post-dinner Interactive Entertainment,
Lunch Break Energizer, Networking Events

Venue and AV Requirements

We will coordinate with your venue and AV staff to assist in running the technical components of the show.

  • 2 Wireless mics
  • Screen and Projector or ability to play our own video clips
  • Sound system for playing our own music
  • Private room (ideally with full seating) or semi-private room and approval from venue to have the host on a mic
  • Food and beverage service 


Teams will be provided with a worksheet.  The hosts will read out a set of questions, including true and false, multiple choice and written answer.  We’ll also include music and video in our questions, as well as active challenges (think paper airplane throwing and dance offs).

Content is topical, funny, and customized to your group. We often like to include bonus questions that get the group on their feet and trying something new.  Even the most shy team members have been seen winning a dance off or singing along with the host to their favourite tune.

At the end of the game, worksheets are either marked by other teams, or marked by our host and technical coordinator, depending on your timing and group size.  Our host will review the correct answers at the end of the game and will give out prizes for the winning teams.

Stefano was able to effortlessly take the entire group to another level of participation and learning. The interaction was superb and I dare to say he had as much fun as we did. His ability to get the higher level of engagement from every one of our participants was remarkable. There is no doubt in my mind our teams will be recommending the services of Engagement Unlimited moving forward.
— Rose Ironside, Director, MCI Vancouver
It was a delight to work with you for the Starwood Hotels of BC Pub Night. You created an fun, exciting and creative atmosphere where everyone, even the introverts, were engaged and participating. Thank-you!
— Sean Antonson, Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre