All of our event emcees and hosts are professional actors and facilitators.  We help you cast the right person that can move in and out of character depending on your requirements.  Your host will expertly adapt to a changing schedule, ensure key messages are communicated and, most importantly, ensure all guests have a fabulous time.  Contact us for a custom quote.

Roger is one of the best MC’s I’ve seen (and I’ve seen many). At the MPI June Gala I thought he did exactly what an emcee should do. Entertaining and confident, yet somehow subtle in the delivery. He was in control and fun… but really didn’t take the spotlight. The MPI Awards were about the award winners, and he performed perfectly.
— Ron Jackalin, Media FX Group
You did a fantastic job. I didn’t have to worry for a moment; I had complete confidence. My sincere thanks for such an awesome job!
— Shannon MacGillivray, MacGillivray & Associates (NATO Summit)
Brad, it was such a pleasure working with you this morning. Well done and the runners had a fantastic time!
— Sandro Serio, Rare Indigo (Corporate Fun Run)
Roger Haskett is the most energetic and inspiring MC I have had a chance to work with in my 30 year career in the event AV business. He makes it impossible for your audience not to listen up, and perk up, whenever he takes the stage. No matter what the topics for discussion may be it is obvious that he does his research and puts his heart and soul on the line.
— David A. Evans, Senior Project Manager, CCR Solutions